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eco-KALAN-C & eco-Magic Box in School Free Noon Meal Program

The eco-KALAN-C and eco-Magic Box were first introduced into the public schools’ lunch feeding program at the South City Elementary School in Mangnao, Dumaguete City. By May 2010, the eco-KALAN-C & eco-Magic Box have been given and demonstrated to 50 schools in preparation for the resumption of the Free Noon Meal Program being piloted in Negros Oriental.

The eco-KALAN-C has the ability to rapidly boil water in 32-liter cooking pots used in schools. The eco-Magic Box is a well insulated box which cooks beans, meat and rice in 32-liter pots without fire. It cooks food with the heat that is retained in the pot. When used together in the preparation of food for large numbers of school children, big savings in money and time are achieved.

The benefits from using the large eco-KALAN-C and eco-Magic Box in the schools' Free Noon Meal Program are impressive;
■ 90% Fuel (Firewood) savings.
■ Cooks 3x the quantity of food than open-fire cooking over a 4-hour period.
■ Eliminates burnt or uncooked rice.
■ Eliminates firewood supply related problems.
■ Timely serving of the noon meals.
■ Significant reduction in smoke pollution and radiant heat exposures.
■ Saves trees.

The experience at Macario Espaňola Memorial Elementary School (MES) in Canla-on indicates a potential firewood cost savings to parents of over P257,000 pesos per school year. MES has 1,855 students in 44 classes and an average class size of 42 students. In the province of Negros Oriental alone, the value of firewood that would be saved by using the eco-KALAN-C and the eco-Magic Box is over P20 million pesos per school year.

eco-KALAN-C & eco-Magic Box in Prison Kitchens

The eco-KALAN presentation to the Dumaguete City District Jail and the Negros Oriental Provincial Jail kitchens and selected inmates are eco-KALAN Projects done in collaboration with the Chaplain Prison Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Dumaguete under Father Burton Villarmente. These are the first and second jail presentations the Project has undertaken and the eco- Magic Box introduced to prisons in combination with the large eco-KALAN-C. The Magic Box cooks without fire – it cooks beans and tough meat with the heat that is retained in the pot and its contents after boiling for 10 minutes using an eco-KALAN-C. The Magic Box is a large carton box that is lined with thick cartons and a ½” Styrofoam insulating material with aluminum foil on one side. The air space between the pot and the walls of the box is filled with crumpled newspaper for added insulation. For big volume cooking such as in jails and schools, the combination of the eco-KALAN-C and the Magic Box is ideal as it maximizes fuel savings; maximizes the amount of food cooked within a given period; and minimizes cooking time. The eco-KALAN donors and sponsors of Inmates and Prison Staff Luncheons are Kees & Rebecca Arrieta Vermeer of Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. The eco-KALAN PROJECT plans to "eco-kalanize" all the jails in the Province of Negros Oriental and make these jails as examples to other jails throughout the Philippines.

Negros Oriental Provincial Jail Eco-KALAN Presentation, Dumaguete City, Philippines, April 8, 2011

Dumaguete City District Jail Eco-KALAN Presentation, Negros Oriental, Philippines, March 31, 2011.

Feeding Program at South City Elementary School, Mangnao, Dumaguete City, February 2010. This is a video on the Feeding Program Before the Introduction of the eco-KALAN-C and the eco-Magic Box.

Introducing the Eco-Kalan-C and the Eco-Magic Box to the Lunch Feeding Program, March 2010. This video shows “How to Make and Use an eco-Magic Box”.

Eco-KALAN-C & Eco-Magic Box Demonstration & Presentation to 49 Negros Oriental Schools, April - May 2010. This video shows a “Cooking Schedule and Cost Savings in using the eco-KALAN-C and eco-Magic Box”.

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