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Why an eco-KALAN?

The eco-KALAN was developed to address certain environmental, health and economic issues raised by open-fire cooking as practiced in the Philippines and other developing countries.

These issues include:

  • Exposure to air pollution in indoor and outdoor kitchens and in surrounding areas due to smoke from burning wood and fire starters, such as plastics and melted candles. The smoke is known to cause cancer, acute respiratory infections, chronic obstructive disease, tuberculosis and eye infections.
  • Exposure to intense heat from open-fire cooking. Loss of appetite, headache and dehydration are common complaints from prolonged exposure to intense heat during cooking.
  • Up to 80% heat loss to the environment with traditional kalans and other open-fire cooking methods.
  • Economic losses in terms of medical costs, lost incomes and wasted fuel.
  • Unsustainable cutting of trees and selling of firewood lead to deforestation and denuded hillsides - the leading causes of soil erosion, landslides and desertification.

Unsustainable Cutting of Trees and Selling of Firewood

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