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The marketing of the eco-KALAN in its present form began after its presentation to five Calindagan communities in Dumaguete City on December 8, 2007. To date, the eco-KALANS are sold mainly in Dumaguete and within Negros Oriental by the recipients of previous eco-KALAN presentations and by enterprising individuals who have purchased and used the eco-KALAN. Most of these sellers (or middle persons) are without starting capital so they take stocks on a consignment basis. This method of marketing is designed to help individuals in need of supplemental income to support their families; or to help organizations that require funding to meet their social and environmental objectives. Although the sellers differ in what motivates them to sell eco-KALANS, they are equally passionate as to what the eco-KALAN can do for the health of people, our environment and the immediate financial benefits from using it. Radio station DYWC (801KHz) in Sibulan, Negros Oriental sells eco-KALANS to support the stationís environmental programs; Father Burton Villarmente of the Social Action Center of the Catholic Diocese of Dumaguete needs funding for its multifaceted social and environmental programs in Project Heaven; Engr. Rogelio Clamonte, Head of the Dumaguete Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) sells so they can grow many more seedlings and plant trees; Rolly Meniano, Teacher-in-Charge of Kakha Elementary School, sells to save the forests in Santa Catalina; Vilma Taguibulosan, Principal of DCCT Elementary School and her teachers sell to the community of Mabinay just so the school can equip each and every classroom with an eco-KALAN; and a mother sells to her church community so the Church Band can go places.

In Europe, North America and other foreign countries, eco-KALANS are sold to individuals, businesses and institutions who donate them to poor communities in the Philippines. In Dumaguete City and throughout Negros Oriental, eco-KALAN donations are presented by the donors and facilitated by friends and partners of the eco-KALAN Project, including the teachers, parents and students of the Host School; Barangay officials; 302nd Infantry (Achiever) Brigade, Philippine Army; Negros Oriental Division, Philippine Department of Education; Dumaguete ENRO; Town Mayors and Councils; eco-KALAN recipients; and Felipa Beach Staff. In Negros Oriental, the total cost of production, transportation, presentation, media coverage, documentation and refreshments or lunch at the end of the presentation program is 16 euros per eco-KALAN.

Donors are invited to join the presentation. Accommodations for out-of-town donors are provided free of charge at Felipa Beach. To view the house, visit: http://www3.telus.net/public/a4a87187/philippines . An eco-KALAN/Felipa Beach house exchange is also possible whereby the donors could have the house for up to 4 weeks in exchange for a donation of eco-KALANS to a poor community. For 2 donors, the minimum donation is 70 eco-KALANS at 16 euros each. For a group of 4 donors, the minimum donation is 100 eco-KALANS.

The donation of eco-KALANS is aimed at improving the environment, health and economics of poor communities. Countless poor earning 100-150 pesos ($2-$3) per day cannot afford to buy an eco-KALAN which is priced in the domestic market at 2 times their daily income. A poor family in the Philippines is a large family with at least 4 children. An income of 100 pesos a day could hardly provide for the daily costs of transportation, 1 kilo of rice, 1/2 kilo of fish, and firewood for cooking. The donation of eco-KALANS is made on a community basis as the homes are very close together and the smoke coming from one household can pollute a large area of the community.

Donor names and country will appear in the presentation banner and letter of gratitude from all the recipients. The eco-KALAN presentations are covered by the media and documented with photos and videos in the website.

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