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Presentations and Education

The eco-KALAN presenting team educates people on the harmful effects of open-fire cooking to their health, environment and finance; and on how the use of eco-KALAN can bring benefits to themselves and their communities. In addition, the team imparts other environmental values such as:

  • Keeping the land, beaches and seas clear of garbage.
  • Reducing or eliminating air pollution in their communities.
  • Non-burning and the recycling of plastics, rubber, and other materials which produce toxic smoke.
  • Composting instead of burning organic materials.
  • Awareness of city garbage disposal policies and national environmental legislations.
  • Awareness of factors causing climate change and what they can do to mitigate its harmful effects.
  • Beautification and the greening of communities through the planting of vegetable gardens, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Garbage Clean-Up

Beautification and Greening of Communities

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